…old books.


My father doesn’t collect books. I imagine if he did, he’d be a little more selective in the ones he bought. He sort of hoards them. He somehow ends up buying any he can find cheaply.beautiful old books

Either way, I’ve grown up in a house full of unread books in varying states of decay. Most are much too delicate to read and mostly, I’d have no interest in anyway. (Though occasionally, finding one relatively new one my parents have had since their teenage years opens my eyes to a new and fantastic author – see John Whyndam and Mervyn Peake)

Old John Whyndam books

All the same, I feel as though just their presence has had a big impact on my almost reverent admiration of books. I read a lot as a child and still do and though I know the story is ultimately the most important part, part of me never wants to let go of the physical qualities of a book: the weight, the shape, the smell. Beautiful leather bound book spinesSo, as much as I admire the kindle and the e-reader for all of the many many benefits they bring, I’m not sure they’ll ever replace a good old fashioned paper and ink book for me.

London - 1701
London – 1701

5 thoughts on “I love…

  1. I also love books! It’s just like you say, I’m not sure e-readers will ever replace an old-fashioned book. Whenever I pick a book up from my shelf, seeing the cover and holding it in my hands, I remember when I first read or what I was struggeling with at the time that I read it. I love that they contain my memories.

    1. I’m glad someone else gets so much pleasure out of actual books 😀 I got into a habit a long time ago of, just when I’d finished a book, turning back and re-reading the very first sentence. It always made me remember where I was and how I was feeling just as I started the book. It was always quite odd – particularly with a story I particularly loved or particularly affected me, to think that not that long ago, I hadn’t had it in my life.

  2. I agree with you on the good weather. Good weather = even better moods. I love old books too! I hope to have a nice little library in my future dream home, haha. I love books.

  3. “I still love books. Nothing a computer can do can compare to a book. You can’t really put a book on the Internet. Three companies have offered to put books by me on the Net, and I said, ‘If you can make something that has a nice jacket, nice paper with that nice smell, then we’ll talk.’ All the computer can give you is a manuscript. People don’t want to read manuscripts. They want to read books. Books smell good. They look good. You can press it to your bosom. You can carry it in your pocket.” ― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

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