If you grow or pick any of your own food, you’ll know fruit tastes so much better with the warmth of the sun on it. As summer comes to an end, I’ve been grasping the last of the warm days, determined to make them last. This recipe has all the lightness of summer, though the taste is quite unusual and came about through a bit of experimentation.


With each 50ml gin, add 1 sprig of coriander and 15 honeysuckle blossoms to a jar, seal and leave. After 8 hours, remove the coriander. Leave the honeysuckle in for a further 12 hours and strain.

To a glass, add 2 parts infused gin, 3 parts elderflower cordial, 4 parts sparkling water. Serve cold.


4 thoughts on “A toast to the end of summer: a cocktail recipe

    1. I’d love to know what you think! Not everyone who tried it likes it. The coriander comes through very strongly so you can always remove it earlier. It’s a matter of taste 🙂

      1. Yeah, there are number of cocktails that do not suite our taste buds, that’s okie. Eliminating the ingredients, we are’nt fond of is a smart way.
        Happy Weekend 🙂

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