I like to think I’m pretty tolerant but today I found myself getting annoyed at the enthusiasm of my course mates while queuing to talk to a lecturer. As soon as I finally got an answer for my question, I rushed straight off to a lecture in the next building. I had 3 lectures in a row over lunch time and by the end of the third, I my stomach was grumbling very loudly and I wasn’t taking in much information.This isn’t exactly ideal, particularly given I struggle to focus the whole way through a lecture anyway, but it isn’t unusual. I try to carry snacks with me but fruit gets easily squashed when I also have a laptop and books. That really leaves me with the vending machines on campus, which can be pricey and pretty unhealthy habits.

Subscription boxes of goodies are becoming a big thing and as a foodie blog, reviewing a snack box seems appropriate.  Graze seems to be gaining popularity but I recently discovered a Tastemade boxes by EarlyBird.

DSC_0044Each box comes with 5 little sachets of healthy snacks, one pot of dip and a tea bag. A leaflet gives the nutritional information for each snack and each is under 200 calories.

My box had “Marmighty” – tamari and blanched almonds;  “Thai sweet chilli” chili corn, goji berries and coconut flakes; honey roast sunflower and pumpkin seeds; gluten free pretzels to dip in the smoked chlli jam; and “berry balls” – dates, almonds, and dried fruit. It also came with a Tea Pigs, peppermint tea bag, which was quite a treat.


I was a little surprised that a flavour so controversial as Marmite was included in my first box. Lucky for me, I’ve recently converted from a marmite-hater to -lover and the almonds were delicious and addictive.

The snack-bag sizes were really good and it was nice to see they were all under 200 calories, which makes it easy for someone calories concious (though truth be told, I actively avoid looking at calories).

My least favourite was the “thai sweet chilli” bag: a mix of chilli roast corn kernels, goji berries and dessicated coconut flakes. The combination of sweet and savoury felt all wrong and the corn kernals felt a little too crunchy for something edible…DSC_0050

That said, I loved everything else, particularly the honey roast nuts and the berry balls (I do have a desperate sweet tooth after all) and I thought the tea bag was a lovely touch.

In my opinion, there are positives and negatives to subscription snack boxes. The Earlybird box is a little more expensive than Graze, unless you get a weekly box at £3.95. Alternatively, it is £4.95 fortnightly or £5.95 monthly. However, the EarlyBird box did seem to me to contain a little more.

Subscription boxes are a pricey way to get food but they usually come with unusual treats and expensive ingredients such as nuts and seeds that you wouldn’t be able to buy any cheaper from a supermarket.  They also mean you get much more of a range to your snaking since anything supermarket-bought will tend to come in larger packages. I also love the added element of surprise! For me that’s half the treat of the box. But returning to the marmite bag, there is an added risk that you might not like something from the box. Personally, I was delighted with my first box. The snack are perfect for me to carry onto campus. EarlyBird has just started up and I’m excited to see where they’re headed next.


2 thoughts on “Earlybird’s Tastemade box

  1. Hey Ellie 🙂
    Its Oliver one of the founders at EarlyBird, just wanted to thank you for your awesome blog post…

    We’re going to send you a little gift as a thank you.


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