DSC_0142The weather outside is frightful, but the kitchen is so delightful! Sorry, sorry! I’m so cheesy but it’s true. At this time of year there is nothing nicer than being in warm kitchen with delicious baked goods. I got home from university just a couple of days ago so I haven’t dived into the holiday baking just yet. It was dreamy, then, that on arriving home, I was greeted with a whole load of beautiful, home baked cookies, all beautifully wrapped!


This year I had the pleasure of taking part in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, set up by the lovely Love and Olive Oil. This meant a small donation to charity and  36 delicious cookies! The swap works like a secret santa: each blogger involved is given 3 matches and their job is to send a batch of 12 cookies to each. In return, 12 cookies are posted to you from each of 3 other bloggers.

DSC_0137 (2)

Batch number one was malted chocolate chip cookies from eversosweetblog


The next batch were so Christmas-y! They were chocolate peppermint candy cane. As the others, they came beautifully wrapped and the little sparkling star told me to microwave them for 10 seconds so the middles melted into a delicious, chocolate goo. These were from the lovely TamingTwins.


Finally, the beautiful packet from the top of the post: oat and maple. As soon as I opened these, I got a strong waft of maple syrup and my mouth started watering. These were sent from the wonderful TheWorktop blog.

A massive thank you for all of the cookies: they were all delicious. On the 15th, all blogs involved in the swap will be posting their recipes (I’ll be sharing mine too!) so check out the bloggers involved!


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