This morning brought with it a smattering of glitter across our pavements and my breath billowed before my face as I cycled in to uni. it is the epitome of a crisp, clear winter’s day. As beautiful as it is, even the plants on the windowsill in my utility room are looking a little sad. Eating seasonally is not always easy in winter but this is the time of year when the preserve comes into its own. There has to be a preserve for every taste: sweet, salty, spicy, smoky, tangy, or bitter. I decided to try something I’d been meaning to for a long time: Kimchi.

It’s hard to make pickled, fermented cabbage sound sexy but Korea has done it. The first time I tried this was at a beautiful little Korean restaurant in York that I never would have found were it not for a bit of expert googling by my sister.

DSC_0105Tucked away in an unsuspecting alleyway, at the suggestion of the wonderfully friendly owner, we ordered a plate of homemade kimchi to share. It’s spicy, crunchy, tangy: a mouthful of flavour and texture. It’s the sort if simple thing you could add to a plain dish to turn it into something magnificent. It’s also fantastically easy to make.


I used the recipe given at , which gives about four jars. You’ll want to make it about a week in advance it’s so worth it. Particularly as it is the key to making one of the world’s most important sandwiches:

Mozzarella and kimchi toastie. Make one. Make one now.



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