DSC_0101Sleep is sometimes hard-won. I hate lying awake at night and too often when I think I’m going to, it make me too stressed to sleep. When my brain finally does allow me to drift off, too often it is only for a matter of a couple of hours. After a night like this, tired as I am, I’m sick of my bed and in desperate need of something reviving. Fortunately, tea is always an option. Making herbal tea at night sometimes helps me to drift off. Strong black tea in the morning brings a bit of life back in to me.

It’s not just a stereotype here in England; we are bring tea drinkers. But tea is more than that. It has a long and rich cultural history, here and around the world. In the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing you to all sorts of different teas you may of may not be familiar with and showing ways you can make them into something so much more than a drink!

How to brew your best cup of tea: over at Food52



3 thoughts on “…a drink with jam and bread

  1. Having a cup of tea in the morning is just the nicest way to wake up! I especially love black tea or fresh mint tea. I’ll be looking forward to reading your tea realated posts!

  2. So obsessed with tea – i have a special tea corner in the kitchen! Also loving the recipes that have tea in them – I really should use it more to bake with

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