I love cooking and part of the thrill is coming across something new. I get such a thrill from wandering aimlessly around unusual food shops, independent delis and international supermarkets. Dun dun DUNDUN, I am introducing Foodie Finds: my adventures in food.

I am lucky enough to have an awesome oriental supermarket just down the road and it was here I came across my first Foodie find: Golden Plum Candy.

DSC_0186These are beautiful, if somewhat odd-looking sweets: Individually wrapped hemi-spheres of beautifully golden caramel. Suspended within is a dried plum. I placed one on my tongue and was immediately amazed. The caramel is intensely, meltingly sweet, inside, the plum is tangy and salty. The combination is wonderful, though the hard pip of the plum was something of a surprise in the centre. I’ve never come across anything quite like these! They are definitely one to try. You can buy them online here!



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