Though most of the Greek islands I visited this summer were away from the major tourist destinations, the supermarkets had the usual selection of tourist items. Skimming the postcards, map-shot glasses and cheap jewellery, one thing that did catch my eye were the jars of honey. Several of the islands seemed to sell their own but most beautiful were those jars with chunks of honeycomb, dried fruit, and nuts suspended in the golden liquid.

Just by chance, half a year later I stumbled across similar jars in the international supermarket just down the road from me. More intriguing still were the swirled jars of crushed and coloured nuts in syrup so I finally gave in to temptation and treated myself.


The ingredients are fructose syrup, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachio, and almonds. On opening the jar, I was a little disappointed to see that only the outside has the beautiful swirled pattern. Inside, it looks a little more like crunchy peanut butter.

DSC_0222Spoon some out and you find it is thick and syrupy. It’s as rich and sweet as you’d expect: tasting just like the inside of a snickers bar. There goes my spreading it, guilt free, on toast for breakfast. It’s closer to caramel sauce than peanut butter. Try it over fruit and yogurt for added sweetness. I can imagine spooning it over pancakes or ice cream. I also want to try mixing it into melted chocolate and leaving to set for a naughty little after dinner treat.


With a little bit of research, I’ve found the company that makes both this jar and others with beautiful whole nuts and figs. Find them here.


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