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As I talked about in my last post, I’m now on a low FODMAP diet. This can make things difficult at the best of times, particularly when out and about. York is a very foodie city, which can be lovely but it’s more of a torment for me right now. Last week, I found myself alone at home with nothing to do but await my train the following day, so I took myself out into York’s cobbled streets to see where I would find myself. The city truely feels like home now and I was happy to wander aimlessly all day, but inevitably, my stomach rules and I knew I would need nourishment.

The Shambles – perhaps the oldest and loveliest part of the city – has a wonderful daily market with fresh fruit and vegetables, a butcher’s and a fishmonger’s, as well as stands selling burgers, sandwiches and all the lunchtime staples. The main issue for me on this diet is that gluten intolerance leaves me unable to grab a sandwich while out. There is a little deli I’ve passed so many times, tucked away in the market but what I had not noticed before was the menu outside; they sell salads and sandwiches to take away. I ordered a salad pot, which included basic salad topped with a choice of 2 side salads and a choice of main from anything in their stunning and extensive stunning counter, I chose – after much deliberation –IMG_20150724_131206 courgette and tomato salad, picorino peppers and their ‘famous’ crab pate (it deserves fame, I can tell you).


IMG_20150724_131644I wandered a little more and found myself inevitably craving something sweet. The problem with low FODMAP is that so many fruit and vegetables that are not normally problematic for people become inedible. For those looking for dairy free or vegan food, there are lots of options. A vegan friend of mine took me to a gorgeous little cafe called goji which serves an amazing menu of vegetarian and vegan food (including vegan milkshakes!!). Instead, I decided to explore La Cremeria, a cute little ice cream parlour which promised dairy-free sorbet options. They had 3 sorbets on offer and I ordered 2 scoops of lemon-earl grey. I went for 2 scoops since it was only 50p more and I thought I wouldn’t get much for my £2 just getting one scoop. As usual, I underestimated the generosity of northern portions and was handed a pot overflowing with creamy delicious-ness.


I found a bench in a relatively quiet spot behind the minster to sit and enjoy my sorbet and got into a conversation with a street sweeper on his break. I’ve been here 2 years and it still surprises me how friendly and open people in the north of England tend to be compared to those in the south. All in all, despite the clouds in the sky, I ended up having a wonderful day of good food and lovely people no further from home than my beautiful little city.


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