Nigel Farage claims Britain can – should – have an independence day; other countries have one. Why not us? The irony seems to have escaped him that many of those countries celebrate the day they won the long and bloody battle – literally or socially – for independence from colonial rule by Britain.

But I’m not here to rant. I’m not here to talk about Brexit at all. Those following the issue have likely had enough by now and those outside can certainly find a more eloquent and informed opinion than mine.

But it’s a readjustment. I never thought Brexit would happen but what I’ve seen in the last couple of years is politics being turned on its head. I’m just learning to live in this unreliable world. I went to one of those academic schools that tried its utmost to press everyone into going to university and for most of my child- and young adult- hood I assumed, as most do, that my way of life was as normal for everyone as it was for me. It was impressed into me that all of school was working towards going to university – a good university, to get a good degree – and then you’d get a good job. Life was that simple. But when school is your life: where you spend all your time, the source of all your friends and achievements, then university becomes the culmination of everything up to this point. Is it any wonder that levels of stress and anxiety are on the rise with that sort of pressure?

I’ve been to university. I went for three years and got a good degree. I made friends, got involved and had an amazing time. I learned a lot, though mostly not from studying. Now I’m done. Those three years passed in a flash and despite my degree I am not set for the future. I feel as much of an imposter applying for jobs as ever and I am far less sure about what I really want to be doing. So it’s time to take a moment to breath and readjust.

Brexit, among other things is a sign that the world I’m trying to plan my future in is shifting under my feet and all I can plan is what I’m doing with myself. If biology taight me anything it’s the value of resilience. I want to read and write, to keep fit and keep learning. I want to be able to take care of myself and to value the small things in life. These are my roots and with these I can grow.


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