2016 has been…eventful to say the least. The world has lost some amazing people. Politically, it seems to have lost its mind. So many people have taken a hit in one form or another and the future is looking uncertain. However, after three months in the sun and a festive season full of good food and alcohol, I find I’m ready for a new turn.

“better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness”

Each year, instead of new year’s resolutions, I try to write a list of things I want to do. This year, one of these is to share with you each month something little, but something good. Looking at the world as a whole, my choices might make no real difference but I want to make choices I feel good about. I also hope that by sharing these choices, I might make someone just a little more conscious of the choices they are making.

So without further ado: welcome to 12 months of good stuff, things big and small which will help you walk a little lighter in the earth – to live a little more ethically.

This January, I’m eating vegan. Veganism is an interesting choice. I’ll note here that I am not vegan and after January I will go back to relishing omnivory. In fact there is some debate about the impact of a vegan diet world-over, and suggestions that it is not in fact the most sustainable way to eat. There are certainly vegan foods which are not ethical. However I will cover the debate – both pros and cons – in a post later this month. For now I’m just want to give you all the opportunity to sign up with me to Veganuary at Even if veganism isn’t a permanent solution, it may inspire you to eat meat, fish, and dairy a little less often, which in my opinion is  a good thing.

I also want to promise that eating vegan does not need to be dull! This seems obvious to me because I have grown up with a vegetarian sister and I have seen how many alternatives there are around, but as proof, here are some fabulous recipes and blogs to get you going…


Vegan Mushroom Recipe


Superfood hot chocolate with caramelized brioche


Stuffed vegan potato cakes


Raw vegan wagon wheels

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