Last month I wrote about going vegan and some of the ethics behind that. I was talking mostly about vegan food and Veganuary but this month I want to focus on vegan products. Ethical consumption might seem like a contradiction in terms but living and functioning in a consumerist society doesn’t mean we have to totally discard our ethics. For a while now I have been using the product ratings on the site ethical consumer to try to support more ethically. I love this site because it makes buying more ethically that little bit easier. However, there are also some amazing ethical and vegan blogs out there covering a whole range of issues. Check these out as a few places to start. Links below:

Finny + Dill is a really beautiful ethical living blog / Likewise Char W is another blog I started following recently / Spend a bit less and have ethical makeup by making your own. I was suspicious at first but I’ve started making my own face powder and loving it. It feels so much nicer putting something with so few ingredients on my skin / Alternatively, I use a bunch of Lavera makeup. It comes out high up on the ethical consumer site and offers great makeup at good prices / ASOS has its own eco collection! I love these PJs so much / This avocado co-wash from Lush is the only thing I can use on my sensitive scalp right now



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