A few days ago I was contacted about the site Paperless Post and asked to review it. I hadn’t heard of the site before but as soon as I saw the webpage I knew it was my kind of thing. The site allows you to create online cards and invitations, which you can send via email.


There are a bunch of free templates which you can customise with colours and images but you can pay for “coins” to upgrade to premium options. I started playing around to see what I could make for free. The site is really easy to use and has a huge number of options for customisation. For this one I uploaded my own image for the background and altered the font style, colour, and size. There are also lots of logo images you can chose from, adapting the colour and size to fit your design. Some are really lovely, although a number remind me of clip-art; the images are largely cartoons or line drawings of random objects. They mostly relate to events that you might use a card for, so depending on what your theme was, you might like to use one. I preferred to ignore them for now.

Personally however, I think it comes into its own with the paid-for options. There are a huge number of exquisite designs with plenty of options for customisation. I had a go at creating my ideal wedding invitation (I know – a bit keen since I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment…) . The final design is beautiful. It cost 9 coins per person to sent. The coins vary in price depending on how many you buy from 20p per coin for 20 coins (sorry if you’re working in dollars!), to just 6p for 5000 coins. Having a bit of a google for averages, I guessed I’d invite 200 people. This brought my total for invitations to £180. It turns out that the average couple in the US spend $443 (£348.4) on invitations alone so cost-wise this is well worth it. Plus, save paper!

The invitations also have a host of other options, allowing you to link to a website, directions, a wish-list, and leave messages or respond to extra questions (which meal option for example). Since the popularity of wedding sites is increasing, this is an ideal way to save the time and effort and compile everything into one place.

The site does lovely cards as well. There is an option to get them printed but for individual cards, this is fairly pricey. This wouldn’t replace birthday cards for me as I enjoy picking out the glittery and laser-cut cards too much. However, I am one of the few of my friends that persists on sending Christmas cards each year and this site is perfect. I also have distant family that send a family newsletter around each Christmas to let us know that they are all still alive and kicking and I think this site would make it more fun. In fact, any situation where you are sending off a large number of cards or invitations, this option is practical and eco-friendly, and very likely cheaper too. I did send a card to my lovely mum who has been really wonderful to me lately when I’ve needed an extra bit of TLC.

Overall, I adore this site and I’m really glad I got the chance to review it. It is wonderful to see paperless options available since most cards end up in the bin or the recycling in the end. This site is a happy medium. It is more practical and cheaper than formal invitations, yet no less special. In a time where most informal events are just through Facebook, it allows you to bring a bit of creativity and beauty to someone’s day.

Follow links for invitations or cards. Check out the site then come back and let me know what you think!

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