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I’ve recently been reading No. More. Plastic. a gorgeous little book by Martin Dorey, founder of #2minutebeachclean (find their insta and twitter here). The issue of plastics is pretty damn apparent at this point yet we are so used to using them in our daily lives that most of us probably don’t even notice.

The real beauty is in the #2minutesolution; this book is about making those little changes that don’t even take time out of your day but make a big difference!

So I’m taking that a step further. Now you don’t even need to take time out of your day to read the book (though it’s short and full of great facts so I still recommend it).

Here are some #2minutesolutions for you to make today…

  1. The 7 Worst Offenders

Of the plastic washed up on beaches, the 7 most common household items are

Pick 3. You can do without them or buy alternatives to plastic. Make it your goal.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some alternative…

Waterbottles: there are a ton of BPA free, non-plastic reusable water bottles out there. Even if you go for a plastic one, you will be saving a huge amount of plastic and money by refilling it rather than buy a bottle every time you are out. If you like something with a bit more flavour, drink squash, add lemon juice, berries, or a fruit/green tea bag….so many options. I have a Klean Kanteen, which I love and there are loads of places where you can fill up for free. Just ask in a pub or cafe for some tap water.

Straws and plastic cutlery: metal, glass, and bamboo straws are all the rage now! You can even get gorgeous card ones which, whilst you can only use them once, at least break down. You can find them online.



Crisp packets and sweet wrapper: Eat fewer crisps and sweets if you can. Bake cakes and eat them instead! If you really crave something, try to buy bigger packets with less plastic. Buy sharing bags of crisps and avoid individually wrapped sweets; it’s so not necessary!

Plastic bags: This one is obvious and since the 5p bag tax has been introduced it’s not quite such a problem. Still, make that little bit of extra effort. Carry a pack-away bag with you for when you need it or buy a beautiful canvas bag that you actually want to use. Get involved with, who make bags out of fabric off-cuts. Use these instead of picking up the plastic ones in the supermarket to weigh loose veg in.

Wet wipes: Tissues, reusable cotton pads, or biodegradable wet wipes. There is a host of options out there. I use washable pads which I bought from earthwisegirls and I love them!


Flynn supports canvas bags

2. Other Day to Day changes

  • Heard of micro fibres? Yeah, I hadn’t either until a couple of days ago (wtf why aren’t these in the news more). Every time you wash synthetic fabric clothing it releases tiny plastic fibres into the water and these are eventually washed out to sea.

The solution? Stick with natural fibres, wash less often, or buy a Guppy Bag, which collect the fibres in the wash so you can throw them away afterwards instead of letting them get washed out to sea where they kill marine life.180130_SMW_GF_studio_verpackung_stehend

  •  So many hygiene projects are thrown away every day. I already mentioned earthwise girls and they sell awesome reusable female hygiene products. Get yourself a safety razor or at least one with replaceable heads.
  • GLITTER, BALOONS and loads of fun party things are also disposable and made of plastic *cry*. Even biodegradable glitter and balloons aren’t perfect. They take a long time to degrade and can kill animals in the mean time. Balloons are best to avoid altogether, glitter is a little better. I’m headed to a festival soon and have some biodegradable glitter on the way so stay tuned for that and other eco festival essentials.

In the mean time: read, share, and check out the book here

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