Tanzania with Raleigh International

Over the autumn of last year I went to Tanzania for three months with the charity Raleigh International. This is a taster of life out there. If you have any questions about what we got up to, the work we did, or the ICS programme, leave me a comment!

Loveliness in the Gloom

We are well into the months of gloom. It is warmer here than is usual for this time of year, but that is not all good news. The deep grey clouds hang over us. The skips have disappeared from the streets but many shops are still empty; still in silent shock after the floods. Winds race the cars up the main streets while the hardiest of off-season tourists still trudge the streets. Nonetheless, there is some beauty in the gloom.


I’m growing some of my own winter veg. The leaves and stems of beet are gorgeous


Day 2 of my first go at sprouting mung beans


I recently joined the student food co-op and ordering seasonal vegetable bags each week



Behind the lens

Oh those lazy summer days. That’s what the summers of our teenage years are meant to be, right? Long and languid. Yeah, life’s pretty far from that right now. But you know what they say: the camera lies. I can make it say what I want and maybe in many years time I’ll look back on these photos and think fondly of a stress free summer.



Truth is though, I’m spending time with the people I love and no matter how stressful things get, that will always mean this summer was a good one